Tips for Buying RC Cars

Those that have been into rc rally cars for some time tend to have strong opinions about the various features offered by different models. Choosing between them can be a real challenge for beginners, though. This article will offer some tips for first-time rc car buyers that could help.

Choosing a Power Source

There are two main power source options for radio-controlled rally cars. They can be either electric or nitro-powered. This choice will influence operators’ other options, so it’s important to choose a power source first.

Electric rc cars tend to be more affordable and easier to maintain than their nitro-powered alternatives, which makes them appealing to first-time operators. Despite this fact, many true rc enthusiasts prefer nitro since it offers real engine power.

Custom vs Pre-Fab Cars

Although custom rc cars are extremely popular among rc enthusiasts, most of them did not start off with expensive custom models. They began exploring options by purchasing ready-to-run models or reasonably easy to build kits. Those who chose nitro power above might want to go with a ready-to-run car, rather than a kit since it takes much more mechanical expertise to assemble nitro models than their electric alternatives.

Intended Use

Those who intend on racing their rc cars should consider rally cars that are designed to be used on pavement. It’s important to keep in mind that these on-road cars are not going to perform well, if at all when taken into the dirt. Not only will they not perform well, but they also won’t hold up well under off-road use, so those who aren’t absolutely sure that they want to use their new rc cars only for on-road racing or similar uses might want to go for an off-road model right off the bat.

Determining a Budget

While it’s true that rc cars can be expensive, it doesn’t make sense to buy the priciest model on a website or in a store until operators have gotten a feeling for what it takes to operate it. Instead, set a reasonable budget before even investigating particular models and make a good-faith effort to stick to that budget. It makes more sense to purchase a cheaper car that doesn’t perform as well at first then go back and buy a better model after some experience has been allowed to dictate what features the operator wants and which ones he or she doesn’t really care about.

Learn More Today

Before jumping in and buying their first rc cars, newcomers to this fascinating hobby should check out some expert reviews. They can get started at today.


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